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UV Disinfection

SWEMCO’s line of UV disinfection products provides protection for your staff, vendors, customer, students, in fact, anyone who needs to gather together in a close environment.  Using a proven Voilet DefenseR technology our products kill up to 99.9% of many viruses, bacteria and fungal pathogens, including Norovirus, a hightly resistant Class 1 virus. The Helo and Sentry lines use a high intensity full spectrun UV disinfection method to clean the air and surfaces around you and come in both fixed and portable solutions. Applications include Hospitals, Operating Rooms, Nursing Homes, Schools, Cruise Ships, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Office Buildings, Mass Transit lines, Athletics and wherever people gather.

Message Hierachy

Here is more information about our Message SWEMCO Puro Message Hierarchy

Product Information

HELO and SENTRY Series. Which is right for your environment? Whether you need a fixed or portable solution for UV Disinfection, please see the product information here SWEMCO Puro Product Information

The PUROBot SpecificationSheet

Meet the PUROBOTUV robot. The fully automated, full-spectrum, high-instensity, rechargeable UV disinfecting robot specifications are located right here SWEMCO PuroBot_SpecSheet

Infection Control 101

SWEMCO’s UV Infection line of products are powered by the patented Violet DefenseR technology.Learn about the history of organisms and why our products are relalant in today's world. Included here is a introduction to infection control SWEMCO Puro Infection Control 101


The UV Disinfection Lighting repesents a significant breakthrough in viral and germicidal protection.  UV-C has the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus. Our products are intended for use wherever people gather. They are not difficult to use and training is available on where to position the units and understand any safety procedures. The units are designed to run in 15 or 30 minute increments. For more information, please read the enclosed document SWEMCO Puro FAQs

Competitor Competition

How do we compare to the Electrostatic Sprayer with a chemical disinfectant? Let's look at the technology,  operating cost, maintenance requirements, application, clinical efficacy, product accessibility and safety amongst other factors by reading the enclosed document SWEMCO Puro Competitor Comparison_Puro_Clorox

UF Facts vs Myths

Existing Cleaning Methods are not suffcient. What's different between bacteria and viruses? Time, Distance, and Spectum Matter. Should I use borad spectrum UV or UV-C? How safe are UV Disinfections systems? Where to place my disinfection product? For these answers and more please click here SWEMCO Puro UV Facts vs. Myths

UV for AHU

Until recently, low-pressure mercury vapor or fluorescent UV-C lamps have been the best option for disinfecting the cooling coils in AHUs. These lamps are low intensity, must run continuously (24/7) and be mounted at a close distance (4”-6”) to coils and filters. There’s a faster, safer, and more effective solution. A single Helo F1 fixture, powered by Violet DefenseTM technology, uses a proprietary pulsed Xenon bulb. It is lab verified to kill up to 99.9% of bacterial and fungal growth up to 6.5 ft away. The installation is simple and only requires an electrical outlet. Pulsed xenon lamps are more efficient at generating UV radiation therefore the wattage is significantly lower. A single Helo F1 unit consumes 60W of energy and has a recommended run time of four 30-minute cycles per day, saving thousands of dollars per year in energy in large buildings. For more details see SWEMCO Puro UV for AHU